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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo teases fans with mysterious’ Coming Soon’ poster

jisoo coming soon poster

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Blinks Alert! BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has dropped a mysterious ‘Coming Soon’ poster.

BLACKPINK’S Jisoo is gearing up for her long-awaited debut solo music project.

The poster features a reddish cloth abandoned in the middle of a lush green patch, hinting at something intriguing and mysterious.

Jisoo captioned the picture with “See you soon” on her socials. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s official social media accounts posted the teaser poster.

Fans have speculated that the cloth could be a signal for Jisoo’s solo debut, which has been long-awaited by BLACKPINK’s loyal fanbase.

The poster also features the release date of March 31, further fueling excitement among fans. With just a few weeks to go until the release, fans are eagerly anticipating what Jisoo has in store for them.

Jisoo to finally debut as solo artist

Fans of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo have been eagerly awaiting news of her solo debut, and the K-pop star has finally given them something to look forward to.

Jisoo is the latest member of BLACKPINK to release a solo project.

At the start of the year, reports surfaced that Jisoo’s much-anticipated solo debut was finally in the works, making her the fourth and final member of the group to branch out with her own music. Jennie’s “SOLO” arrived in 2018, and both Rosé’s -R- and Lisa’s Lalisa dropped in 2021.

In late February, Korean entertainment label YG Entertainment confirmed that Jisoo was preparing to release solo music in 2023.

YG Entertainment announced that the K-pop star is diligently working on recording her first solo album. Despite her busy schedule with the group’s world tour, Jisoo has been able to complete the album jacket photo shoot and work on music production whenever possible. 

Blackpink is currently performing in Asia after previously making stops in North America and Europe as part of their ongoing Born Pink World Tour.–WhatALife!/Jayve

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