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BGYO Members Shops with ACEs in H&M

bgyo members shops with aces in hm

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The P-pop boy group invades an H&M store in the Philippines for the Music x Me campaign that showcases Filipino music artists. On March 1, 2022, lucky fans (ACEs) were able to shop with their favorite BGYO boys.

P-pop group BGYO is now a big fashion brand endorser and a continuous hot trend on social media.

BGYO, Now an Endorser of H&M Philippines

BGYO under Star Magic, ABS-CBN, is a trending Filipino 5-member group here in the country. The BGYO members Gelo, Akira, Nate, JL, and Mikki, are now among the faces and endorsers of the well-known clothing company and brand H&M. Their affiliation with H&M is connected the brand’s Music x Me campaign that aims to showcase Filipino music artists.

BGYO: A Top Trend on Twitter

The BGYO’s event announcement on Twitter with hashtag #BGYOinvadesHM became one of the top trends yesterday. ACEs, a group of fans loyal to the P-pop group, was thrilled to hear about a surprise announcement by H&M Philippines over on Twitter.

“An exclusive surprise! Lucky ACEs have been chosen to shop with our Best Boys! #HMMusicxME,” tweets H&M.

Immediately after, the hashtag #BGYOinvadesHM went trending due to the excitement of the group’s official fandom ACEs.

BGYO with its Lucky ACEs in H&M

The event brings an exclusive surprise to the ACEs, where lucky fans were chosen and given a chance to shop with their idolized group members in the SM Mall of Asia H&M Philippines store.

Also, the lucky ACEs were able to get a chance to have the members as their personal shoppers and have their H&M paper bags signed by all the BGYO boys. Many of the fans could not contain their happiness, and immediately shared their experiences on social media with hashtags that went skyrocketing as a trend on Twitter.

One lucky ACE tweeted, “And finally i met more ACEs together with best boys!!”

Congrats to the Lucky ACEs! The WhatALife team can only say “Sana All!” – WhatALife!

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